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Branching out

Of course, the idea of a small home isn’t new but the combination of a small lot, small home, smart choice of materials and an efficient construction method immediately caught the attention of developers and builders and caused a surge of interest that couldn’t be immediately satisfied. However, since its launch, The Smarter Small Home has promoted industry innovators – from builders and developers to designers – to take action and now a number of Smarter Small


Home-type developments have started to take off around the country.


Two brothers in the Sunshine Coast building business, the Thompson Building


Group, thought the concept worked especially well for them. “With block sizes reducing to three hundred and four hundred square metres, we could see this (kind of product) was the way of the future,” says director Brendan Thompson.


“It’s basically the beach home from thirty years ago, but modernized and designed for the future,” he says. His brother Brad Thompson adds, “When you say it’s 150 or 160 square metres, people are expecting a box. But when you look at the design, you’ll see it’s a really nice home.” “We don’t believe we’ve got any competition in this market at the moment. You’ve got your brick-and-tiles builders, but this is architecturally designed using all the new James Hardie products. It’s all lightweight, environmentally friendly and reduces the carbon footprint.”


Similarly, when Met Developments’ architect Joe Evans first saw The Smarter


Small Home, he “just loved it.” Joe was able to prove that a home can be sustainable and affordable. “Because the government brought in new legislation for five-star minimum, and then in five years’ time they’ll push it to six-star, there’s quite a lot of issues within the development industry about it pushing up the price of developing, making it more unaffordable,” Joe says. “But then on the flip side, we’ve done this development, which has an average price of $322,000 and it’s not fivestar, it’s six-star – five years ahead of what’s required and affordable.”


Source: Houses Issue 80



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