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Net Zero Urban Terraces


An initiative of the Urban Land Development Authority; the Net Zero Energy project consists of two terrace style houses and two modern day lofts. The distinctiveness of this project lies in the design and specification of the showcase terrace, which has been designed and constructed to be a Net Zero Energy dwelling - which means that the house consumes no more electricity than it produces.


Through the help of Ecolateral, an Ecological Sustainable Development consultant and TVS Architects, we have constructed a unit that incorporates passive sustainable features into its design to achieve the highest possible star rating for energy efficiency. The design, combined with energy saving materials and appliances, has delivered a dwelling that achieves net zero energy consumption from the electricity grid.



Thompson Sustainable Homes has delivered an energy efficient, self-sustainable dwelling for the future. This display home demonstrates the environmental advantages of Net Zero Energy dwellings, which seamlessly integrate and contribute positively to the streetscape and the environment.


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