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Are you ready to invest in your first or next home?   Sleep easy with our Rental Guarantee Program, taking flight NOW! 

Taking the leap to set yourself up financially can sometimes be overwhelming…we have simplified the transition from owner occupier to investor with a simple guide.  

If you’re too busy with life and just want your investment dream to become a reality, let us take the hard work out of it for you! 

Your broker or bank will also consider this Guarantee into your lending requirements.  So be sure to chat to them too!  

What is a 3 Year Rental Guarantee?

Once you become the proud owner of a Thompson Sustainable Homes Investment property, a legally binding agreement is established. This contract guarantees that a predetermined and unchanging minimum rental sum will be promptly deposited into your specified bank account every month. Regardless of whether the property is occupied or not, this steadfast commitment eliminates any concerns regarding potential vacancies, delayed payments, or the loss of rental income. Rest assured, as an owner, you can bask in the reassurance of a secure and uninterrupted stream of rental revenue.

We have all the information you need on your next investment property to aide your financial position.   

What are the benefits of a 3 year Rental Guarantee?

  • Income Stability: A rental guarantee provides a reliable and consistent stream of rental income for a specified period, usually three years. This stability can help investors plan their finances and cover expenses associated with the property.

  • Reduced Risk of Vacancy and Arrears: With a rental guarantee, property owners are ensured regular rental payments, even if the property is unoccupied. This eliminates the risk of vacancies and any potential loss of rental income.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that rental payments are guaranteed for an extended period can provide peace of mind to property owners. They can rest assured that their investment will generate a stable income, regardless of any temporary fluctuations in the rental market.

  • Cash Flow Management: Consistent rental income allows investors to manage their cash flow more effectively. It reduces the pressure of meeting mortgage repayments or other financial obligations related to the property.

  • Ability to secure an investment loan*: Some rental guarantee schemes may enhance the property’s appeal to lenders. 

So how much do you receive?

So, how much rent do you receive from my guaranteed rental investment property?

Right from the beginning, you will receive a current market value rental appraisal and a minimum guaranteed figure which explicitly states that’s the sum you receive.  This sum is based on the prevailing market rate for the specific property. This agreed-upon amount is paid to you on a monthly basis starting from the day the house is available to tenant, and this arrangement remains in effect for a continuous duration of three years.

How do I know the properties chosen are a smart investment?

We have a team of building, lending, developer and realestate professionals that work closely with us to ensure that the properties chosen for this 3 Year Rental Guarantee are perfectly suited to an investment, offering long term equity building opportunity, combined with providing you the confidence that your money is working hard for you.   We have specifically sourced these properties based on historical and future potential and offer diversity for your starting or established investment portfolio.

How much does it cost me?

It actually costs your nothing to be part of the 3 Year Rental Guarantee .  The Guaranteed return will be based on a fair market rental rate, and ManageMe will deduct the agreed management fee which pays for the property manager to look after your new investment home similarly with any rental agreement.  

So who manages my property?

Introducing ManageMe

Peter and Norah Gibson established ManageMe Property Management Solutions in 2010 with a strong commitment to delivering top-tier property management services on the Gold Coast, and more recently expanding to the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane reaches.  Having lived across the South East Corner of Queensland for more than ten years, their expertise lies in their deep understanding of the local neighbourhoods, lifestyle, market, and trends.

So what happens if I need to get out of my rental guarantee?

No problem!

Should you decide to withdraw from the rental guarantee for any reason, rest assured that you have the flexibility to do so. However, it’s important to consider that our tenancy agreements typically span 12 months, and sufficient time is required to notify tenants. It’s worth noting that choosing the rental guarantee is entirely optional. 

What happens when the agreement comes to an end in 3 years time?

You have the option to continue working with ManageMe and you’re welcome to discuss an agreement directly with them. Alternatively, you have the freedom to choose any other property management agency or even handle tenant interactions directly. However, for the time being, you can sit back and relax, knowing that we are taking care of everything and ensuring a steady stream of income for you.

What if I want to sell my property during the rental guaranteed period?

Talk to us! ManageMe can assist with the sale of your home, or at the very least guide you through the process.

T&Cs apply. 


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Full Turnkey Standard
No more to Pay
*Unlimited Optional Upgrades
Full Turnkey Standard
No more to Pay
*Unlimited Optional Upgrades
Design Range Various range available to suit all lot widths and sizes Various range available to suit all lot widths and sizes Various range available to suit all lot widths and sizes
Build Time 20-26 Weeks* 22-28 Weeks* 28-36 Weeks*
Colour Selection Pre-set Colour Profiles
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Custom Colour Selection
*Up to 3 hour appointment included
Custom Colour Selection
*Up to 3 hour appointment included
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Design/Variation Fees Ask Us – Charges may apply for multiple design & variation revisions Ask Us – Charges may apply for multiple design & variation revisions Ask Us – Charges may apply for multiple design & variation revisions
*T&Cs apply *T&Cs apply *T&Cs apply

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