The benefits of a timber frame vs double brick for your new home

Building a brand new home is an exciting time in your life, but there is no second chance when you build your first home, you either do it right the first time or you have to live with the consequences.

At Thompson Sustainable Homes we know that homeowners have 4 clear priorities when they build their new home: a fast completion time, reduced costs, increased energy efficiency and as large a home as they can afford.


One of the most important factors in building a new home is the time it takes to build your home; the longer this time, the more money you spend, including more money on rent and interest paid on loans. A timber frame home only takes 14 weeks to complete for a single storey and 16 weeks for a double storey home, compared to up to 30 weeks for a full masonry construction.


A timber frame is much lighter than a double brick construction, so you don’t need extensive footings on ‘S’ and ‘M’ class soils. This equates to less concrete and reinforcing steel, as well as less time on-site, less administration, on-site amenities and utilities. All of this results in a faster completion time and means that you could pay less for a timber frame home, compared to a full masonry construction.


With a timber frame home, the materials used have a lower embodied energy than their masonry counterparts, so you reduce your carbon footprint. A timber frame home is more thermally balanced compared to full brick, not only reducing your energy bills but also trapping CO2, helping to keep our environment safe and clean.


The thickness of a timber-framed wall is 60% less than an equivalent double brick wall, so you effectively increase the usable living spaces of your home for free. With house blocks becoming smaller every day, optimising your living spaces is a priority for most families.

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