Build a bigger home (for free) with a timber frame construction

If someone told you that you can save money, reduce your carbon footprint and build a bigger home without spending any more money, it’s a fair bet that you would pay attention.

Well, compared to a double brick construction, a double storey timber frame home can save you a significant amount of money because it can be built in less than half the time and is more energy efficient. This energy efficiency is due to the fact that timber frame homes are built with less embodied energy, have low thermal conductivity and require less energy to maintain an all-year round comfortable temperature, compared to double brick construction.

This leaves us with the challenge of increasing your living spaces, so let’s take a look at how you can gain increased footage by building your home with a timber frame.

Timber frame walls are narrow

The thickness of a finished timber framed wall is 109mm, which is a massive 60% less than the thickness of a double brick wall at 280mm. Considering that we measure the size of a house by the area of the floor in square metres, the reduced thickness of a timber frame wall means that you have a lot more usable living space, compared to a double brick home of the same size.

Reduced lot sizes

With land prices continually increasing across Australia, block sizes are becoming a lot smaller. This means that you either have to build a smaller home, giving you a reasonable amount of outdoor space or you have to build to the boundary. The beauty of a timber frame is that you can increase your living space, whilst still remaining within the limits of the permissible plot ratio of land to living area.

Free extra space

All of this means that with a timber frame home you can increase your usable living spaces on the same plot of land, and at the same time cut your costs (because a timber frame costs less than double brick), decrease your carbon footprint and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

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