Build out your backyard – are you sitting on possible income?

Why not increase your usable living space and your income

Do you have a large backyard that is little used? Many older homes were built on sizable parcels of land, however maintaining this land can be time consuming and stressful. This is particularly relevant if you need more space for your family or you want to increase your income by renting out a small studio, office or additional dwelling.

It’s fair to say that many Aussies are living on a gold mine in their backyards with enough land to build an additional structure quite easily. You might think that your backyard is too awkward, narrow or steep, but many of our designs are created specifically for these difficult situations. 

Why build a second dwelling in your backyard?

Many people take advantage of their large blocks to build additional accommodation on their land. You can build an entire house (house behind a house), a small studio or office, even a compact one- or two-bedroom dwelling. Some people even build a duplex, triplex or terraces, but you would need a fairly large block to build these in your backyard.

A self-contained living space is ideal as guest accommodation or if you have elderly relatives who need to live close to your family. Anyone who works from home would appreciate a home office, and people with hobbies might love a studio in the backyard. How about a teenage retreat or even a parent’s retreat? There are so many uses for separate accommodation in your backyard.

The additional money you may generate from renting out this second dwelling is seriously worth considering and is often the main reason why many homeowners take this route. Borrowing from your home equity to build a second structure can be a very wise investment for many homeowners.

Finally, increasing the living spaces of your home, particularly by building a separate home in your backyard, can significantly increase the value of your home and increase your future wealth.

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