First Home Owner Guarantee Simplified

The First Home Guarantee (FHBG) is part of the Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS), an Australian Government initiative to support eligible home buyers to buy a home sooner. It is administered by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) on behalf of the Australian Government.  Under the FHBG, part of an eligible home buyer’s home loan…Read More→

First Home Owner Grant – What You Need To Know

The Queensland first home owners’ grant provides first-time home buyers an extra bit of help to get into the market sooner. If eligible, you’ll get $15,000 towards buying or building your new home. The Queensland grant covers new houses, units and townhouses—you can even buy off the plan or choose to build yourself. Do You Qualify? Eligibility…Read More→

The Advantages of Timber Framing in New Home Construction

When it comes to building a new home, choosing the right construction method is crucial. Timber framing has been a popular choice for centuries due to its versatility, affordability, and sustainability. This article explores the numerous advantages of timber framing in new home construction and why it remains a top choice for builders and homeowners…Read More→

Connecting The Sunshine Coast To Queensland, And You To Increased Property Value!

Council is planning for the future so the lifestyle and stunning environment we all enjoy can be maintained as we grow. Properties situated near well-developed and efficient public transportation systems gain greater appeal to a larger pool of potential buyers or renters due to enhanced accessibility. Easy access to bus stops, train stations, and transit…Read More→

Home Upgrades to Increase Property Value: Expert Strategies for Maximising Your Investment

Increasing your property value is a crucial part of successful home ownership and property management. Whether your building or renovating, understanding what elements you should focus on to increase the value of your home over time, we offer some strategies to support this. From boosting curb appeal to addressing essential upgrades, there are many ways…Read More→

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