Connecting The Sunshine Coast To Queensland, And You To Increased Property Value!

Council is planning for the future so the lifestyle and stunning environment we all enjoy can be maintained as we grow.

Properties situated near well-developed and efficient public transportation systems gain greater appeal to a larger pool of potential buyers or renters due to enhanced accessibility. Easy access to bus stops, train stations, and transit options makes these properties desirable for those relying on public transport for daily commuting and travel needs, positively influencing property values.

Additionally, improved public transport provides convenience, time-saving benefits, and reduced car dependency, especially appealing to younger and urban dwellers. Areas with efficient public transportation experience increased housing demand, driving up property values due to limited supply. Moreover, upgraded transport infrastructure often accompanies urban revitalisation, attracting environmentally conscious buyers and businesses, further bolstering property values over time.

From 2016 to 2041, the Sunshine Coast is projected to welcome around 200,000 new residents, necessitating the development of more sustainable transportation options. This infrastructure will effectively connect people to various opportunities, such as jobs, recreation, tourism, services, and education.

Most of this anticipated growth is expected to take place along the coastal corridor between Maroochydore and Caloundra. To address this, the mass transit plan includes the implementation of a new regional heavy rail connection that will link Beerwah to Caloundra, Kawana, and Maroochydore along the CAMCOS corridor. This rail system will be designed for longer distances between stops, ensuring efficient transportation for the urban coastal corridor all the way to Brisbane.

Four Projects Hold The Key To Unlocking Future Growth

In essence, mass transit refers to a user-friendly and readily available public transportation system that efficiently moves people. A well-planned mass transit system effectively minimises the reliance on cars, especially during peak hours, and may encompass the following features:

  • Buses, including articulated and double decker buses
  • Trams or light rail vehicles
  • Passenger trains

Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line

A new 37 km passenger rail line connecting the Sunshine Coast community between Beerwah, Caloundra and Maroochydore to Moreton Bay, Brisbane and beyond.

Sunshine Coast Public Transport

An enhanced public transport connection between Maroochydore and the Sunshine Coast University Hospital at Birtinya, with a possible extension to Caloundra.

Kawana Motorway

A direct connection between Parrearra and Merdian Plains, parallel to Kawana Way and part of a new high-speed alternative to the Bruce Highway.

Mooloolah River Interchange Upgrade

A multi-stage interchange upgrade including an overpass (river crossing) to connect the Sunshine Motorway to the new Kawana Motorway, an overpass between Nickin Way and Brisbane Road, and new local road connections.

Future Proof Your New Home

As you can see, the Sunshine Coast is on the verge of becoming a true ‘City of the future’. Public transport, traffic conjestion and a lack of direct transit routes have been a frustration for locals and visitors alike. Wether you’re building your first home, your forever home, looking for a smart investment or a place to get away and relax, now is the time to secure your piece of paradise, and beat the increase in property prices, or make a solid profit due to your property value growing.

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