Designing the landscaping for your new home

Well-designed landscaping is essential to the curb appeal of your home and is the first feature of your home seen by passers-by and guests. As the construction phase of your home progresses, it is time to start planning your landscaping at the front, sides and rear of your home.

Some builders do not include landscaping in their costs, others provide landscaping at the front of the home and others might just turf the exposed ground. At Thompson Sustainable Homes, we include landscaping with your home and land package, and this will have been outlined in your building contract.

The key to good landscaping is to maximise the use of your external spaces and so the placement of patios, BBQ areas and outdoor rooms need to be carefully considered.

Other placements that need to be finalised during the construction phase are the locations of:

  • The Driveway
  • Washing line
  • Refuse recycling bins
  • Compost areas
  • Garden beds and turf
  • Garden paths and walkways

It is also important to consider both shade and privacy, so think about hedges, trellises, external awnings on patios and the position of large plants,
bushes or trees to soften the view or for screening purposes.

This traditional LOT at Oceanside Birtinya would be an ideal area for some landscaping. This is work in progress at

LOT 508 Viridian Circuit, Oceanside

See some of our display homes landscaping below.

Other factors to consider when you are designing your external spaces and landscaping:

The aspect of your outdoor spaces

You will need to select the most suitable plants for a northerly or southerly aspect and those that thrive in shade or full sun positions.

Drainage of your land

Drainage will be affected by the slope of your block and the soil type. You might need to enhance the consistency of the soil to enable plants to flourish
and also add in retaining walls if you have a sloping block.

The scale of the plants

This is an essential design element of your landscaping, because you want trees that do not overwhelm your outdoor areas. You also want all of your plantings to create a cohesive and attractive backdrop to your home, so you might want to consider consulting a landscape designer.

When to plant

You will want to have your garden areas looking beautiful and complete, with all of your plantings in place when you first move into your new home. Depending on your selection of plants however, you might need to wait before planting some of your selections. This is because some plants do better when they are planted in the spring time, whilst others will flourish whenever they are planted.

Garden maintenance

When you first establish a garden and new turf, it needs to be watered frequently until everything has matured. How often you water will depend on the
needs of your plants, the soil type, climate and the availability of water in your area. On top of watering, you need to weed, mulch and trim your
plants and mow your lawns to keep your external spaces looking healthy and well maintained.

Drought tolerant gardens

More and more, home owners are moving towards planting drought tolerant gardens, as this helps the environment and cuts down on water bills as well. Installing a rainwater tank in your new home is an excellent idea and consulting a landscape designer will also help you to achieve a stunning garden, all year round.

Of course, you can’t establish your garden areas until the builders have stopped using your yard for access and storage of building materials. They also need to clear the ground of any leftover construction materials and once this has been completed, you can begin to put your landscaping plans into action.

For more information on our house, land and landscaping packages, call Thompson Sustainable Homes on 1300 904 040, complete our online enquiry form or drop into our showrooms at 167-171 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba, QLD.

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