Class 2 Buildings

Maximize your investment with class 2 developments

Multiply Your Returns

Class 2 developments allow you to increase the number of units you can fit on your block.

Ensure Compliance

Class 2 dwellings (a building containing 2 or more sole-occupancy units) must have the right R-Code designation. We can help ensure compliance.

More Occupants

Multi-unit class 2 developments are the best options for investors looking to get the most out of your land. The more people you can house the bigger the return potential.


These are some of our previous projects.

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No fuss class 2 developments

Let us help get it right

We have a long history of tackling projects that involve multiple dwellings. Anything with multiple dwellings such as town houses and class 2 buildings really need an experienced developer that understand the requirements.

A block that is class 2 compliant can support up to twice as many liveable dwellings as a multi-unit development.

We organise the council permits and then move on to the construction phase, liaising with all necessary government departments.

As Perth’s most experienced building company, we can develop projects for anything up to 90 dwellings. We thrive on large complex building projects and with a reputation for solving difficult problems quickly and efficiently.


Aerial view of class 2 development in Perth.

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Is a class 2 development
suitable for your block?

High rental yield

Class 2 developments provide a low maintenance building with a high rental yield and maximise the investment potential of your block.

The R-Codes for class 2 developments is complex. By increasing the number of liveable dwellings on your block, you maximise rental yields.

Contact our team and we will help walk you through the process.

Here are the R-Codes for quadruplexes (4 units or townhouses):

R20 = minimum block size of 1800 square metres

R25 = minimum block size of 1400 square metres

R30 = minimum block size of 1200 square metres

R40 = minimum block size of 880 square metres

In fact, recent multi-dwelling developments in Perth have sold out, proving that they are highly sought after by investors.

If you have a block that you want to develop that may be class 2 compliant, get in touch with us to find out. 

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