Granny Flats

Maximise your investment with Granny Flat occupancy

Increase rental yield

Keen investors realise that a granny flat is a cost-effective way to enter the rental market. It will also increase the value of your existing home.

Many different uses

They can be used as teenage retreat, art studios, an external office space, guest accommodation or as a living space for elderly relatives.

A way to support family

The vast majority of granny flats are used as accommodation for elderly relatives (parents or even grandparents), because they can keep their independence, whilst still being close to their family for support.


These are some of our previous duplex projects.

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Unsure where to start?

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No fuss granny flats

Let us help get it right

With a granny flat you have as many design choices as you do with a normal full sized home. So you will easily find a design that suits your space and matches your existing home’s style.

As for the interior of the granny flat, you have complete freedom to use whatever colours, finishes and materials you like, whether that’s natural stone, timber, tiles, glass, carpets, paint, and wallpaper.

At Thompson Sustainable Homes we have a long history of building single dwelling homes and granny flats in Perth.

We help you to find the perfect design, submit all of the relevant paperwork and permit applications to council and manage all of the construction, leaving you to carry on with your life without worrying about the new building work.

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Is a granny flat suitable for your block?

Building requirements

Defined as secondary dwellings on a single block of land, a granny flat can either share your backyard or have its own little fenced garden area. It must however, be self-contained with a separate entrance, bathroom kitchen, bedroom, laundry and living area.

Your local council will determine the maximum size granny flat that can be built on your land, which is usually around 60 to 70 square metres.

However, as long as your block is a minimum of 450 square metres and is approximately 12.5 metres wide (with the relevant clearances from the fence line),  we can design a dwelling that maximises your available land, as well as being practical and affordable.

Contact our team and we will help  walk you through the  process.

If your block of land is narrow, sloping or an unusual shape, you might think that it isn’t suitable for a granny flat, however you might be surprised to learn that we are experts in building on tricky sites.

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Why Thompson Sustainable Homes?

14 Week Build Times

Other builders take up to 12 months to complete your home. We"ve got it down to around 14 weeks.

Maximum floor space

Our built-to-boundary system and unique building methodology means more internal floor space.

Better Insulation

Thanks to our materials and methods our homes are cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Design options

Our special building process means more choice of materials and facades on your new home.

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