Multi-unit Developments

Maximize your investment with multi occupancy

Multiply Your Returns

Your initial investment will be greater and the time to completion longer than with a duplex or triplex, but the financial rewards can be huge.

Ensure Building compliance

These can include town houses and class 2 dwellings (a building containing 2 or more sole-occupancy units) and if your block has the right R-Code designation, a multi-unit development might be your best option.

More Occupants

Multi-units are one of the best options for home owners and investors that own larger blocks of land. The more residences you build on your land the bigger the returns.


These are some of our previous multi-unit projects.

(Click the thumbnails below to see the larger version.)

Unsure where to start?

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No fuss duplex developments?

Let us help get it right

We have a long history of tackling projects that involve multiple dwellings in a single project. Anything from quadruplexes involving four sole occupancy units, right up to town houses and class 2 buildings that are worth millions of dollars, involving the construction of multiple units in one development.

A multi-unit project is often a complex and demanding project, posing an array of challenges and requiring many planning and design considerations – such as lot yields, road layouts, car parking, pedestrian access, landscaping, services and utilities.

Our in-house property development team knows how to pull everything together, so your project starts and completes on time and comes in within budget.

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We organise all of the council permits for you, and then move on to the construction phase, liaising with all necessary government departments.

As the Sunshine Coast’s and Perth’s most experienced building company, we can design and construct your project for anything up to 90 dwellings on one property. We thrive on large complex building projects and with a reputation for solving difficult problems quickly and efficiently.

Is a multi-unit development
suitable for your block?

High rental yield

Multi-unit developments provide a low maintenance building with a high rental yield and might be perfect for your investment portfolio.

The R-Codes for multiple dwellings on one property are fairly complex, but to give you an idea of the block size requirements.

Contact our team and we will help  walk you through the  process.

Here are the R-Codes for quadruplexes (4 units or townhouses):

R20 = minimum block size of 1800 square metres

R25 = minimum block size of 1400 square metres

R30 = minimum block size of 1200 square metres

R40 = minimum block size of 880 square metres

By increasing the number of homes on your block, you will maximise rental yields and your equity returns.

In fact, recent multi dwelling developments in Perth have sold out in record time, proving that they are highly sought after by both tenants and home homebuyers.

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Wright Street Case Study

A Work In Progress

This development on Wright Street in Perth is currently underway. Here we'll show some before images, some renders from our design team and some plans.


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These are plan overviews of the designs to be built on this development.

(Click the thumbnails below to see the larger version.)


Odin Street Case Study

A big project

This development on Odin Street in Perth is an ongoing development. Here you'll find some of the plans we had our design team make up.

Customer feedback

Why Thompson Sustainable Homes?

14 Week Build Times

Other builders take up to 12 months to complete your home. We"ve got it down to around 14 weeks.

Maximum floor space

Our built-to-boundary system and unique building methodology means more internal floor space.

Better Insulation

Thanks to our materials and methods our homes are cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Design options

Our special building process means more choice of materials and facades on your new home.

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