Narrow lots development

Maximise your home value on a narrow lot

Invest in your property

Many people don’t bother to develop their land because of a narrow block. With the increased demand for medium density housing in Perth and Queensland suburbs, it is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Narrow doesn't have to mean small

Not all sites are perfect. Some blocks are just plain awkward, but they can still have potential for developments.

Get the right help

Not every company has the team or the systems to be able to transform narrow blocks into something truly useful.


These are some of our previous narrow lot projects.

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No fuss developments
on narrow or unusual blocks

Let us help get it right

Home owners and investors in Queensland and Perth choose us because we have a well-earned reputation as specialists - when it comes to building on awkward plots of land.

We also build affordable and sustainable homes that not only fit nicely within your budget, but also help to lower energy bills – a good selling point when you are developing property to better your financial future.

In fact, it’s not the size of the block that is necessarily the issue, but how you design a dwelling to fit comfortably within the available space.

When you choose Thompson Sustainable Homes to build your duplex, triplex, granny flat or multi-unit dwellings on your tricky plot of land, our surveyors, engineers and designers will create the perfect plan that suits your block of land.

We will submit all necessary paperwork to the local council, manage all of the construction and give you a completed second dwelling in no time at all.

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Do you have a narrow
or unusual block?

Work with what you've got

If you want to develop a narrow or awkward block of land, we have a solution that will fix your problem and add to your investment portfolio.

Narrow Block

From traditional frontages to ultra-modern designs, single or double story – we will design and build the perfect home for your narrow block of land.

Sloping Block

Sloping blocks of land have their own set of challenges, but there are still plenty of options. Designs for sloping blocks can be single or double story split-level homes taking advantage of the slope or built on an excavated flat foundation with a high retaining wall behind the property.

Awkward Shaped Block

The key to building on an awkward block of land is to find a company with a solid history of transforming challenging blocks of land into good solid investment properties. If your block looks like a piece of cheese, with a wide frontage that narrows down to a wedge-shaped backyard, we can help.

Your best strategy is to call us at Thompson Sustainable Homes and we will be able to guide you through the process of maximising the development potential for your plot of land.

If you have a block of land that defies description…

Call us on 1300 90 40 40

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