DINKS enjoy freedom & luxury of NY loft style living on Sunshine Coast

If ever there was a match made in heaven it’s between DINKS (double income, no kids) and our New York inspired Lofts on the Sunshine Coast. With an astute understanding of the property market and a desire to capitalise on their double income, DINKS want an edgy, urban coastal lifestyle that offers the freedom to enjoy life on their own terms.

Happy couple on the Sunshine Coast

Our NY Style Coastal range of industrial two story loft terraces perfectly reflects the needs of DINKS, not only providing the choice and flexibility they desire in a residential property, but also providing an affordable entry point into the market.

Loft style living on the Sunshine Coast offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle with plenty of options – easy access to the Hinterland, beaches and airports, lots of shops, restaurants, cafes, nightlife and gyms in the area, all topped off with a short commute into Brisbane.

New York Style Loft on the Sunshine Coast (for illustration purposes only)
New York Style Loft on the Sunshine Coast (for illustration purposes only)

Where City meets the Coast

NY inspired living provides DINKS with a bold, stylish, elegant and sophisticated home without compromising their goals or their lifestyle. Loft style living means freedom, opportunity, choice, security, flexibility, experience and comfort, all rolled into an affordable package that supports a mature and cultured lifestyle.

Designed to exude a classically NY vibe where the community is everything and escaping after work has become an art form, these innovative warehouse inspired homes provide DINKS with a stress free sanctuary that oozes style and comfort.

Narrow lot living has never felt so good! With high ceilings, expansive windows, oodles of light and space, designer styled kitchens, honed concrete floors and an array of industrial finishes, a NY Style Coastal loft shifts the focus from a traditional home to a more upmarket, contemporary and cutting edge design, one that perfectly aligns with a DINK sensibility.

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Style and affordability

Energy efficiency, sustainable building techniques and a style that maximises living spaces, light and desirability is the epitome of a chic and modernistic outlook on life. Loft inspired living on the Sunshine Coast starts at an amazing $349,000 – simply select your lot, style and interior design and you will soon be sipping Margaritas from your private courtyard!

Our well-appointed NY inspired loft homes are designed to provide DINKS with versatility, style, comfort and luxury, whilst at the same time maximising their lifestyle options and securing their spot in the real estate market.

Welcome to the freedom, security and sophisticated lifestyle that NY loft inspired homes offer independent couples on the Sunshine Coast!

Enquire today on our New York Style Loft series and you and a friend could bet jetting off on an exclusive trip to New York City thanks to Thompson Sustainable Homes.  Visit our competition page for more information.

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