Faster completion times with Thompson Sustainable Homes

One of the major concerns of new home owners is the amount of time it takes to actually build their new home, starting from the day the first footings are laid to the day that they can move into their new home.

The longer the building time frame, the more money it costs home owners, so one of the deciding factors in selecting a new home builder is the time to completion. At Thompson Sustainable Homes we acknowledge this problem and have found the perfect solution.

Timber frame homes are built fast

We know from years of experience in the building industry that timber frame homes can be completed within 14 weeks for single story homes and 16 weeks for double story homes. This is a significant time saving for new home owners, meaning that they can move into their new homes much faster than they anticipated.

Faster completion times means that you save money on site costs, such as site supervision, administration, scaffolding, site amenities and utilities during the build. These costs can seriously add up over the course of building your new home, however a shorter build time allows home owners to make substantial savings at this point.

Quicker build times also help home owners to save money on rental accommodation or interest on mortgages and bridging loans, which further reduces the financial pressure on new home owners.

4 benefits of timber frame homes

One of the points of difference between Thompson Sustainable Homes and other building companies in Perth is that we build timber frame homes. There are 4 very good reasons why we have chosen to construct our new homes using a timber frame, rather than using a full masonry (double brick) wall system.

  1. Faster completion times.
  2. Significant cost savings on double storey and certain soil types.
  3. Increased energy efficiency.
  4. Increased internal area of the home.

At Thompson Sustainable Homes we have a reputation for high quality, energy efficient homes with low running costs. If you are ready to save a substantial amount of money on your next new home, call us on 1300 90 40 40 or complete our online enquiry form.

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