Fixed Price Contracts – Why you can trust our prices

When you’re looking for a reliable builder and a house and land package that suits your needs, it helps to know you can trust the prices* on their website and brochures.

It’s surprising how many builders will show an amount for a build or package and then in the small print; it might avoid committing to the final amount in some way.

We think it’s super important you can trust when we state a price that it won’t go above that amount.

There are, of course, some caveats to this promise. For example, if you want upgrades to our stated inclusions or some structural changes (which may or may not be possible), then that will be extra, and you should be clear about that amount from your builder before going ahead with the project.

The important thing is that as a customer you know that having settled on an amount – and failing any upgrades (or acts of god) your build will be completed on time, and on budget.

It’s also essential when you have pre-approval for an amount to be able to go back to your broker or agent and be confident that it will not change.

So to summarise, the fixed price contract provides the following benefits:

  • Confidence in the builder
  • Security in the loan amount
  • Budgeting accuracy and organisation
  • Peace of mind

Our fixed price promise is one of the 12 reasons that we do things differently.

Our 6 step process

Our customers know how committed we are to assisting them every step of the way. We’ve simplified the home buying process down to 6 easy steps.

What is a building contract?

The Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) says that a building contract is as important as the materials and construction process.

Your contract outlines all roles, rights and responsibilities of the parties involved and, in the case of any issues or uncertainty, how they should be resolved.

A contract should include:

  • The agreed completion date or time frame
  • Specifics of the work done
  • The final contract price
  • How and when the payment should be made
  • What happens if there are delays and how to manage the process
  • How to manage variations or changes

To secure your own interests it’s often a good idea to get help from an experienced property lawyer.

If you have any questions about house and land packages, or a home build on your land, be sure to get in touch with us.

One of our team will get back to you ASAP!

*Prices are subject to terms and conditions.

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