Genius moving home hacks to save you time and stress

Moving home is an often stressful period in our lives, and a time we do not repeat very often.  Therefore, when we do decide to move, making it as easy as possible is a no brainer.   To help, we have compiled a list of the top 25 most genius hacks to staying sane and saving you money when moving day is upon us.

Moving Day
Moving Day

15 Genius Moving Ready Hacks

  1. Packing boxes – if you know you are moving in the near future, keep a look out for packing boxes that friends or family are wanting to offload.  Keeping your eyes and ears to the ground will save you hundreds of dollars, but you will often have to move fast, as packing boxes go fast between friends.
  2. Rate each of your boxes – by giving your boxes a star or number based on the priority it needs to be unpacked, enables you to see through the sea of boxes and pick out the most important ones.  eg 3 stars for high, 1 star for low (can take a few weeks if it needs to).
  3. Give it away – what better time to sort through your things and offload anything that you don’t use anymore when you move house.  Be kind to charity houses and put it aside for those less fortunate.  More often than not most charity organisations will come and pick up your unwanted items saving you a trip.  But remember, if it’s damaged or unkept, best to throw it away.
  4. Transporting your mattress – your mattress is your haven, so look after it when you are moving home and cover it on both sides with fitted sheets.
  5. China is most delicate – protecting your best china or even your everyday plates and bowls is a challenge when moving.  A simple solution is to buy a packet of paper plates and lay them between each plate/bowl before packing them away.  These are also recyclable and can be used at your next family bbq and then added to the recycle bin.
    Moving Day Hacks
    Moving Day Hacks
  6. Your electronics tell a story – have you seen behind your television?  And what about the pack of computers with all the cords at the back?  Not all of us are married to an electrician, so take lots of photos of all the cords and connections behind your most used appliances/electrical items and it will save you time, stress and arguments when you need to set up again.
  7. Colour code boxes – this is one of the most easiest tip.  By adding a stripe of colour, or coloured labels to your boxes, you can separate it from the next.  We now have access to coloured gaf tape, so it’s an easy solution to keep kitchen boxes separate to bedroom boxes.
  8. Don’t write what valuables are in the boxes – we want to trust everyone, including our moving specialists, however, be sure to be discrete with what is in each box.
  9. Storing jewelry – is one of our most valuable assets and we want to keep it safe and secure, so roll up your necklaces and earrings in clothing to keep it from tangling up together with other pieces.
  10. Artwork is irreplaceable – our children’s art, or maybe our own art may not all be framed and transportable.  Therefore, an easy solution is to place these paper items into padded mail bags to keep them safe from harm.
  11. Nail holes in walls – an easy solution to fill nail holes in walls is to use soap.
  12. Use every space available – think outside the box and use every known space for storage.  This includes drawers, luggage bags, backpacks and for the little things use lunchboxes.
  13. Pack an overnight bag – remember how stressful moving is?  If you remember to pack an overnight bag, you will have all of your necessicities handy to ensure you teeth are cleaned, you have a fresh set of clothes handy and shampoo and conditioner ready to shower.
  14. Fill the esky – keep your largest esky aside and fill with your staples, milk, water, bread, spreads, coffee, tea, fruit and veg.  You will most likely need to let your fridge stand for 24 hours first before turning on, so having the esky on standby with all your essentials will keep you hydrated.
  15. Roll your clothes – you can double your storage capacity in an instant if you roll your clothes rather than fold them.

Whenever you decide to move, try to make it a positive experience for you and your family.  After all, it’s one of the most exciting times in our lives.

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