Your House Plans: An explanation

The plans that come with your house and land package contains all of the information required by your builders to construct your new home.

Without these plans, your builders will have no idea what to build and where to build it, so the construction of your new home cannot commence without
the house plans. For your information, here is a list of all of the different elements that will be included in your house plans.

Site Plan

This bird’s eye view of your site shows the lot boundaries, the structures on the lot, any existing features and the compass direction. It should also
indicate any required setbacks and topography contours.

Foundation Plan

This drawing shows the layout and dimensions of the slab for your house and land package in Perth or Queensland, as well as basement or crawlspace walls,
depending on what best fits your site plan. It indicates how the underpinning structure of your house is supported by the earth below it.

Floor Plan

This drawing shows the room layout of your home. It is the most user-friendly page of the house plans, because it indicates room use, doors, windows, fixtures,
cabinets and built-ins. Most of the construction details originate from the room layout of your home.

Here’s an example of what floor plans look like.

Framing Plan

This drawing is an oversimplified floor plan showing just the walls of your new home. Besides that, the joists, trusses and beams are usually depicted,
revealing the structural aspect of the building. The framing plan is used by your Queensland or West Australian builders during the construction phase
of your home.

Roof Plan

This drawing is a top view of the entire roof system, including ridges, hips, valleys, rakes and eaves. It may also indicate where gutters and downspouts
are located.

Mechanical Plan

This drawing is an oversimplified floor plan showing the location of electrical, plumbing and HVAC details. If the house is complicated, a different sheet
is dedicated to each trade specialty separately. The mechanical plan helps your Queensland or Perth home builders to project manage the construction
of your home.


This drawing shows the front, side and rear exteriors of the house. This drawing of the house provides a flat, straight-on view so you can see the siding,
windows, doors, and the entire outside of the building from ground floor to roof ridge.


This drawing shows all the hidden details of the house by cutting an imaginary line through the middle of the structure, so the interior of the walls,
floors, ceilings and roof can be examined. This view shows all the major elements of your house’s construction, giving your Perth or Sunshine Coast
home builders a clear view of the interior of your home.


This drawing highlights specific areas of construction where details need to be shown in order for your Perth or Brisbane home builders to join together
the structure. Specific areas, such as foundation connections, door assemblies and window installations are presented in greater detail.


This chart appears on the drawings, listing doors, windows, fixtures, and hardware. Under each category, there’s an indication as to where each item is
located within the building, accompanied by the manufacturer’s make, model, and size.

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Below you can see a detailed plan that features many of the elements listed above.

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