Innovative Design: Exploring Thompson Sustainable Homes’ Diverse Range of Home Designs

In the ever-evolving world of residential architecture, Thompson Sustainable Homes stands out with its unwavering commitment to innovative, sustainable, and lifestyle-oriented designs. With various series tailored to meet diverse preferences and needs, our visionary designs cater to an array of Australian lifestyles, from the bustling urban dweller to the serene coastal inhabitant. Let’s delve into the unique attributes of each series offered by Thompson Sustainable Homes, showcasing how we not only harmonise modern living but also champion environmental consciousness.  

Minimum Lot Size Designs Available To Suit: 4.6, 5.0, 6.0, 6.6, 7.5, 8.0, 10m Frontage x 25m deep 

Urban living is redefined with the Terrace homes, which optimise space without sacrificing style or comfort. These homes are designed to fit narrower lots commonly found in city environments but maintain an airy, open feel with clever floor plans and thoughtful design elements. The Terrace homes offer the best of both worlds, ideal for those who love city life but crave their oasis.  

Whether the designs have a garage to the front or a garage to suit a lane way to the rear, our Terrace Home Series designs offer flexibility in design an aesthetic appeal.   

Minimum Lot Size Designs Available To Suit: 12m x 14m deep 

For those who revel in industrial aesthetics, the Urban Warehouse series offers an edgy, minimalist design reminiscent of warehouse conversion living. With elements like extra high ceilings throughout, feature brickwork, large family friendly floor area, flexible design choices, these homes cater to those who prefer a modern, artistic vibe in their living space, suitable for vibrant, dynamic lifestyles.

Minimum Lot Size Designs Available To Suit: 4.6, 6.6, 7.5, 10m Frontage x 25m deep 

The Award Winning NY Loft series is an edgy design for those looking for a home with a unique visual impact and efficient use of space. Characterised by high ceilings and industrial features such as aluminium staircases, honed concrete floor, brick look feature walls, black ceilings and versatile loft spaces that can serve as additional bedrooms, offices, or recreational areas, these homes offer flexibility and style in a compact design.   

Minimum Lot Size Designs Available To Suit: 4.6, 6.6, 7.5,10m Frontage x 25m deep 

Following on from the award winning NY Loft Series, and with capturing the essence of beachside living, the Coastal Loft series combines the relaxed feel of coastal homes with the sophistication of loft designs. These homes are airy, filled with natural light, and designed to make the most of ocean breezes and views. The Coastal Loft is an ideal home for first home buyers or downsizers that offer an open plan design with high ceilings and open space voids to bring in the light.   

If you want to view the Coastal Loft, then visit our Display Homes in the Sunshine Coast Stockland Aura Estate.  

Thompson Sustainable Homes demonstrates that choosing sustainability does not mean compromising style or personal expression. Each series is a testament to the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship and meeting the varied tastes and needs of Australian homeowners. Regardless of the Terrace style, Thompson Sustainable Homes provides a modern option to suit every lifestyle, proving that innovative design can truly enhance how we live.  

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