Reduce your carbon footprint and save money with timber frame homes

At Thompson Sustainable Homes we understand that many new homeowners are concerned about energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.

This is why all Thompson Homes are constructed using a timber frame, rather than a full masonry (double brick) wall structure. The benefits of a timber frame can be quite substantial to homeowners, from both an eco-friendly and a financial perspective.

7 Energy Efficient And Cost Saving Benefits Of A Timber Frame Home

1.Smaller footings

A timber frame doesn’t require such deep and extensive concrete footings, compared to a double brick construction, because it is a lightweight building material. This reduction in concrete equates to saving up to 11.5 tonnes in CO2 emissions, depending on the type of soil on your block.

2.Less reinforcing steel

Smaller footings equate to less concrete, which results in less reinforcing steel. This means that both your foundation costs and your carbon footprint are substantially reduced (steel production amounts to around 25% of the world’s CO2 emissions).

3.Increased insulation

Timber frame walls can be easily insulated with energy efficient insulation materials, reducing your heating costs in winter and your cooling costs in summer.

4.Low thermal conductivity

Timber has a naturally low thermal conductivity (0.14) compared to brick (0.6-1.0), which means less transfer of external temperatures into your home.

5.Lower energy bills

Increased insulation and low thermal conductivity equate with lower energy bills over the life of your home.

6.Reduced embodied energy

It takes a lot less energy to produce and transport your timber framing to your block, compared to producing and transporting brick and other construction materials.

7.CO2 is trapped by timber

As we all know, timber holds CO2, removing it from the atmosphere and further reducing your carbon footprint.

As you can imagine, you will make significant savings in carbon emissions, energy efficiency and financial costs when you build your new home with a timber frame, rather than a masonry construction.

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