What makes the Sunshine Coast a strong investment

What makes the Sunshine Coast a strong investment?

A rapidly growing population is enough to light the fire under any property investor, but add a tight rental market and a lack of quality housing and you have the perfect investment opportunity.

It’s clear that purchasing a rental property on the Sunshine Coast is a sound investment strategy, not only for these reasons, but also because the region has a strong growing economy, as well as highly competitive business conditions.

Attractive property prices and an amazing lifestyle

Competitive property prices and a beach lifestyle might be sufficient for home owners to buy into an area, but savvy investors need more than just a good price and a great view. A growing rental market and opportunities for positive capital growth are the icing on the cake that spurs investors into action.

The Sunshine Coast ticks all of these boxes resulting in a rising market based on a number of factors, high amongst them being both population and economic growth. Previously known as a haven for retirees, the Sunshine Coast has grown to become one of the premier destinations in Queensland offering a quality lifestyle and easy accessibility to both Brisbane’s CBD and international airport.

Of interest to investors, however, is the growth in small to medium size businesses in the area, from health and technology to retail, building and professional services. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is blossoming under an influx of young people and families who are looking for affordable, quality housing.

Consider that the new Sunshine Coast Teaching Hospital, the $5.3 billion Oceanside Health Hub and the $430 million Maroochydore CBD development have created 21,000 new jobs in the area. Then consider the millions of dollars being spent on upgrading and building new infrastructure to accommodate this influx of people and businesses into the region, and you understand why now is the best time to get into the Sunshine Coast real estate market.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital Precinct

High rental yields and low vacancy rates make the Sunshine Coast an investor’s dream!

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