Tips on selecting your family’s new community location

Just imagine the benefits to yourself, your partner and your children of living in a new, vibrant and growing community, which is close to shops, transport,
schools and your work. It is at this point that some prospective home owners find that there are too many choices and have difficulty in committing
to a specific location for their new home.

So to help you make your final decision and to select the very best community location for your family’s new home, here are 4 elements to consider.

1. Community facilities

Exploring your chosen community, before signing on the dotted line, is an important step in finding the right location for your family. So depending on
your needs, check out the local parks, walking tracks, BBQ areas, skate parks and dog parks if applicable.

If your family loves to be outdoors, hiking, walking, jogging, walking the dog or hosting a BBQ in the local park, then it will be important that your
new community provides these facilities. You might also check out the nearest public swimming pools, libraries, gyms and other sporting facilities
that your family enjoys in their day to day lives.

2. Schools and childcare facilities

If you are looking for schools in your new location or are hoping to start a family in the near future, then access to reputable education facilities may
be one of your main priorities. In this case it is a good idea to check how far your children need to travel to their new school every day, and whether
there are childcare facilities, primary schools and high schools within a reasonable distance to your new home.

3. Shopping facilities

Unless you love home delivery or long road trips to the shopping mall, you will need at the very least, to have a local shopping centre close to your new
home. Most established communities will already have these facilities, but a new growing community might not have all that you need immediately, when
you move in to your new home.

In these new communities, it is important to identify your shopping needs and whether they are currently met in the community. If they are not in existence,
investigate whether there are plans in place to include these facilities in the near future.

4. Local transport

Even though you might not use public transport, your circumstances may change in the future, either temporarily or permanently. This makes it a good idea
to live in a community that has good transport links with your children’s schools, the local shopping malls and your place of work. If public transport
is not currently available in your preferred community, make sure to explore the council’s plans and time frames for providing these services.

It is always a good idea to take the time to wander around your preferred community, so that you can gain a feel for what it might be like to live there
with your family. Chatting to some of the current resident home owners is also a good tip, as they will most probably be very happy to discuss the
pros and any cons of living in their community.

Lastly, when you invest a significant portion of your finances into a new home, it is important that you have complete trust in your builder or developer.

To talk to our sales team about your ideal community for your new home, call Thompson Sustainable Homes on 1300 904 040, complete our online enquiry form or drop into our showrooms at 167-171 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba, QLD.

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