Interview: How The Urban Warehouse Design Was Born

Following the recent release of our new Urban Warehouse design at Aura, we sat down with creative mastermind and head drafts-person, Jo Skroce-Pullen to gain a little more insight into this ultra cool design.

Q. What is an Urban Warehouse home?

A.  Originally, an old warehouse that’s been converted to a living space.  As Aura in a new growing area our goal was to create a stylish modern home that focuses on minimising unutilised spaces, such as hallways and maximising on living space whilst still injecting some old roots and culture into this new area to appeal to those who love city living.   An urban warehouse can be fairly small but still offer all the luxuries of modern living.  These designs embrace open plan living to the maximum with ceiling heights over two stories in voids, creating a connection between the upper and lower floors.

Q.   Have you ever lived in a home of this type before?

A.    Not exactly no, I grew up in Croatia in the centre of an old city one street away from the main gate of the sea port that’s been operating since the 19th century – (I can still remember the Terazzo floors with black granite block boarders and our windows with shutters that would open outwards.) I was constantly surrounded by warehouses for tall ships. Big brick buildings with exposed steel elements and oversized doors and windows. Of course, over time some of these warehouses have been demolished and rebuilt, but some still stand today, as they were all that time ago.

Q. Why was this product designed?

A.  This product was designed to re-create city living and growing up in an old city I tried to incorporate those small details and elements to give that feeling.  The Sunshine coast is great for this style as we are spoilt with mild winters so heating the space is never a big issue. Cooling however is exciting, as we all know hot air rises so with the large opening on the lower floor and strategically placed opening on the upper floor we have created a natural cooling system

Q. What were your key inspirations when designing the Urban Warehouse product?

A.  The key was to expose as much as possible, the beauty of how a building is put together. Incorporating open stairs cases and a mezzanine floor.  It was also important with regards to the limited square meterage that we still managed to give the feeling of a large living space.

Q. In your opinion, what would you say are the most important features of these designs?

A.   The Finishes, the open space and the connection between the top and bottom floor in such a way that the two stories become one. Dismissing hallways and spaces that don’t often get utilised to full potential. Also, the incorporation of voids to give the feeling of a larger space.

Q. When designing the Urban Warehouse product, what type of person did you envasion would live in them?

A. When I designed the urban warehouse I had in mind a modern family, couple or individual with an active lifestyle who likes to travel and be outdoors, but also enjoy the home they live in. I wanted to create a space that is big enough to feel luxurious but not so big that it would consume all of your weekends cleaning and maintaining. A place where you can entertain and still have enough space but feels cosy and warm when you are on your own. The urban warehouse has been designed for the modern cosmopolitan warrier who wants the best of both worlds, to explore the outdoors and enjoy the comfort of home without compromise.

Q.  How would you style the home?

A.  Personally, I’m a big fan of art deco so I would introduce elements that rely on bold, clear lines and vibrant colours and patterns, large mirrors, lighting and square elements. As for furniture, A contemporary style with crisp, clean lines will work well with the exposed brick and rough textures as the background.

Q. Why should people build an Urban Warehouse product with Thompson?

A.  I believe we have released an ultimate design, and we are always moving forward with sustainability and innovation whilst keeping our designs affordable, practical and very functional.

Q. What was your ultimate goal when working on these designs?

A.  My ultimate goal is the create a design that people love as much as I do, when I design I like to think people will feel a certain way when living there they feel good they want to come home the house gives them a sanctuary an escape from busy life but also inspiration for new adventures.

Q. How did you feel at the end of the design process?

A. I was very happy with the result.  From beginning to end, watching it evolve and grow. Then one day you reach the point where you know it’s done, it’s ready to be on its own.  it It’s like watching your child grow up.

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