Interview: Urban Warehouse Best Features

We caught up with Thompson’s New Home Specialist at Aura, to get his take on the new Urban Warehouse designs.

Q. How would you describe and Urban Warehouse Home?

A. Funky & innovative

Q. In your opinion, what would you say are the most important features of these designs?

A. The drive through double garage and the amount of outdoor space is absolutely a key feature of these designs. It’s not often you see a terrace product with this much backyard area. Also, the fact that they have two living areas makes them perfect for professionals who run a business from home as you could easily use the mezzanine floor for a home office or studio

Q. Why should people build an Urban Warehouse home?

A. We’ve created a product that’s different from what’s previously been on offer in the area. These designs sit on larger square blocks, and in my opinion, this makes them more functional when compared to a standard terrace style design on a narrow lot. They have much more of a house feel.

Q. What type of people do you see living in an Urban Warehouse?

A. Modern, active and adventurous souls. From first home buyers through to people in their 50’s. Anyone looking for something different, who love open space and adventure. These designs are perfect for those who aren’t particularly interested in maintaining a yard as they are still small enough to maintain with minimal maintenance plants and turf. Also Perfect for those who work in Brisbane and enjoy the city vibe but want a piece of the relaxed Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

Q. What is it about this design that will appeal to Owner Occupiers?

A. I think firstly the difference in design and the incredible value for money. It’s very rare you find a terrace style product that offers the amount of outdoor space that these designs do. And secondly the location.

Q. What is it about this design that will appeal to investors?

A. Again, the location and price, and the steady rental return. I think we’ve designed a home that people will always want to live in, I can’t see these staying vacant for extended periods of time. There’s no body corporate fee’s and because we really do offer turnkey packages, with quality fixtures included you wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about the Urban Warehouse design?

A. It’s hard to pick just one thing. I really do love that they are on larger square blocks with yard space and have a double garage. It’s perfect if you own a small boat or caravan. Internally it would be the open space and the natural light let in by the large windows and void. Having two living areas is a very common request with buyers so I’m glad we have incorporated this into these new designs. Lastly, I would say the fantastic curb appeal and the Location, only a short stroll to future shops and cafés as well as what is set to be one of the largest shopping centres on the Sunshine Coast and the Aura Central Southbank precinct. It’s a very exciting time to buy on the Sunshine Coast, and particularly in Aura.

Artist’s Impression and Floor Plans



KINGFISHER 2 – Floorplan                                                                                                     WINDMERE 2 – Floorplan


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