Urban Warehouse

Due to popular demand, the Urban Warehouse designs are back but only for a strictly limited time.

Known for combining edgy design with sustainable outcomes, our Urban Warehouse designs excel on all accounts.

Stop dreaming and request these stunning home and land package options today!

The Urban Warehouse is the largest two story Terrace Home to be built in Aura, and it is exclusive to Thompsons!

With a footprint of nearly 200m2, this will be the largest and easiest to maintain home of this kind.


Inspired by the original converted warehouses in inner cities all over the world, these designs embrace open plan living to the max.

Attention to detail

You will love the quality finishes, open spaces and modern feel with their clean lines and sleek finishes.

Introducing Our New Urban Warehouse


Offering warm natural tones and timber look cladding, these urban warehouses create eye-catching features that’ll have your neighbours chatting!

With land already registered and a fixed build price, you won’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity! Make sure you enquire today before it’s too late.

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A sleek contemporary home series that is envied by many!  Our Urban Warehouses are back and have all the hallmarks of a Pinterest-worthy warehouse without the price tag!

Built with all of the trimmings, this design series is set to sell fast, so be quick to secure yours today!

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~ No Body Corporate, Pet friendly
~ 2700mm high ceilings to lower floor & 2550mm high ceilings to upper floor
~ Tiled kitchen splashback
~ Stone kitchen benchtops
~ European appliances
~ Stainless steel freestanding dishwasher
~ 1 x Split system reverse cycle air-conditioner to living area
~ Designed to provide natural cross-flow ventilation and plenty of light
~ Practical and functional design maximising use of space
~ Colorbond fully insulated roof
~ Ceiling Fans, TV aerial and clothesline

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This could be you.

First Home Buyer

Sarah & Adam are 29 & 32 respectively, they have a small dog and plan to have a child in the future. They are looking to buy their first home together. Even though Adam is a tradie who runs his own business, and Sarah runs a small but successful graphic design business, they have been living In Sarah’s parents’ inner-city home for the past 3 years, to help them save for a deposit.

They have saved $35,000 so far but have realised that buying a property in their preferred suburb might mean that they have to take on a very large mortgage, much larger than is comfortable for them. Hannah & Jason are agreed that they don’t want to borrow more than $450,000, which with the $20,000 First Home Owners Grant, gives them a maximum of $495,000 for their new home, leaving aside $10,000 for additional costs.

They have two cars, one of them is Adam’s work vehicle, so being close to public transport is not a major concern, but they would like to be close to parks, restaurants and cafés as they are an active couple who enjoy being social. Whilst they are both happy to no longer live in the city they agree that their new home must still be in a central location with easy access to the motorway, as Adam travels to both the north and south sides of Brisbane for work daily. Sarah plans to run her business from home to save on the extra expense of renting a work space, so it’s important to her that their new home offers the extra room for her to work comfortably.

As they are both very busy and neither consider themselves to be green thumbs, they are not looking for a home with a large yard, but still need enough room for their dog, and future child.

Sarah and Adam have decided that due to their busy lifestyles a Home & Land package might be the best option, because all the hard work will be done for them and they can choose from a range of different packages that suit their budget.

They are considering a built to boundary Urban Warehouse home, as this allows them to purchase a smaller block whilst still having the look of a large home. This would make the yard smaller than a traditional style lot but will suit them perfectly as it will be very easy to maintain whilst still have enough room for the pets, family and any outdoor entertaining they choose to do.  The very open plan design of an Urban Warehouse will allow Sarah the space she needs to run her business from home and let her creativity flow.

Next Home Buyer

Andrew is a 45 year old divorced father of two young children on a good income on the Sunshine Coast. Andrew owned his last home with his ex-wife but is now currently renting a modern unit for $580 a week in a central location close to the beach but wants to invest in a small terrace style home for himself that is still in a central location and with easy access to public transport and the motorway.

He is looking to build a design that offers another alternative to a traditional style terrace home, but he needs to buy something big enough for when he has his children over every other weekend. With quite a substantial income, he still has to be careful on how much he spends on his new property, as he will need to pay maintenance to his ex-wife and children for many more years.  

After giving it some thought, he believes that with a 10% deposit, he will easily be able to service a $500,000 mortgage. It’s a priority for Andrew that his new home is preferably 3 bedrooms that requires minimal maintenance, as he has little time or interest in gardening, it must also be small enough to keep tidy, but big enough for when the children stay over.

It is also a very good investment decision, because it will be easily rentable to young couples in the future, if he decides to move again. One factor that does concern Andrew is the cost of ongoing corporate body fees in the townhouse complexes he has viewed.

This has also helped with Andrew’s decision to build an urban warehouse home on a small lot that offers a perfectly sizable two-story house on a low maintenance lot is a much better option, as it is freehold and doesn’t involve corporate fees. 

So he has decided that the urban warehouse offering a perfectly sizable, very open two story home on a low maintenance lot is a much better option, as it is freehold and doesn’t involve corporate fees. 


As a couple in their mid-thirties, Kate and Alex both work in the city and live in an inner city apartment, which they own with no mortgage. They have made a decision to postpone having children, as they are both dedicated to their careers, earn exceedingly high incomes and love taking overseas trips at least once a year.

Whilst living in the inner-city suits both of them, they have decided to start investing in real estate, as this will help to diversify their investment portfolio. They are interested in a built to boundary style home on a small lot, that offers a versatile and open plan design, because they believe this will appeal to a variety of different renters, but specifically people who want a sophisticated, stylish and low maintenance home.

They have decided to refinance their current apartment, pulling out $120,000 as a 20% deposit (avoiding mortgage insurance), and borrowing the remaining $480,000 from a financial institution. This gives them a budget of $600,000 for their new investment property.

As far as location is concerned, Kate & Alex are open to ideas, however their main priorities are that the home is in a good rental location, where people are willing to pay between $420 – $500 per week. They have looked at a lot of other options, but an urban warehouse with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a double garage, close to transport links, parks and schools seems to be their favourite option.

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